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10° Golf Tee

10° Golf Tee

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Introducing the 10° Tee – Your Golf Kick-Off Secret Weapon:

The 10° Tee is a game-changing innovation for golfers, designed to enhance your tee-off experience in three crucial ways:

Optimal 10° Tilt Design: Its unique diamond-shaped design ensures that the ball doesn't rotate excessively when struck with your No. 1 wood club. This minimizes the trade-off between distance and accuracy, allowing you to hit longer, more precise shots.

Reduced Ball Friction: Traditional tees can induce unwanted side spin due to friction. The 10° Tee minimizes this friction, providing a smooth and consistent flight path for your ball.

Exceptional Durability: Engineered from special materials, the 10° Tee can withstand up to 100 impacts without breaking. This durability ensures you can play better and longer without worrying about tee wear and tear.

Experience the power of the 10° Tee – a tee that optimizes your golf game with reduced ball rotation, minimal friction, and long-lasting performance. Elevate your tee-off game today!

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